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Management Services Solutions, LLC helps Providers achieve efficiencies so they can focus on their mission of improving the quality of services offered.

to be a financially healthy, compassionate, self-sustaining
organization that is responsive to out customer's needs.

to ensure that Agencies serving people with disabilities and
similar mission driven organizations have access to the
cost efficient goods, services, and systems needed to succeed. 
We will accomplish our mission by supporting the member and
ensuring they have access to an array of cost efficient, high quality goods,
services and shared administrative opportunities that will
allow those to continue their support of our program
participants, employees, families and friends.

ethics, integrity, honesty, execution with quality, and
serving those who serve those in need with compassion.

Saved about 60%!  "I was amazed at the amount of savings provided"
September 1, 2013  Our Agency’s copier fleet lease was due for renewal. I used our MSS/Premier vendor listing and reached out to three vendors for them to provide a lease quote. Previously, we had signed a contract for 5 years without membership to MSS/Premier. When the quotes came in using the contracted rates, I was amazed at the amount of savings provided on a rather large account. We selected the vendor with the most aggressive price and that provided our equipment needs, and still saved about 60% for a 5 year lease from where we previously were at. We had a $300,000.00 contract that then became a $120,000.00 contract. Needless to say the CFO and CEO were more than happy with the results and extremely satisfied with the MSS/Premier membership. 
In the same month, I contacted HON furniture manufacturer, which is also contracted through MSS/Premier, and got about a 30% discount on purchases made from their local distributor for items in stock.  I still use many more avenues to save money for our agency using MSS/Premier and they are a great help if you need answers to questions, they reply very quickly and effectively. 
Rodrigo, Cerebral Palsy of Westchester, NYS

30% savings!  "...after the fantastic customer service I received, we saved money"
January 13, 2014  I needed to order some furniture for a large conference room.  After some research I was concerned that we weren’t receiving the best possible prices so I contacted MSS/Premier.  The company Premier set me up with was extremely helpful and willing to meet any need or request we had!  The best part was learning that after the fantastic customer service I received, we saved money - over$7,000.00 (30%)!  Next time, MSS/Premier will be my first stop! 
Desiree, CP of NYS

Cost Effective & Good Customer Service! "....most cost-effective machines...happy with both the service and attention..."
At the beginning of the month, our office needed a new desktop color printer, fast.  I got in touch with my MSS/Premier contact, who provided me with information within a day or so on the most cost-effective machines that met my specifications.  And when we decided on what equipment to purchase, I had it right away.  I was very happy with both the service and attention I received from MSS/Premier and was especially  pleased that I was able to get a printer that exceeded my expectations and was the most cost-effective one I looked at!  I look forward to working with Premier again in the future. 
Cheryl, CP of NYS


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